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10. The Info Line

This is a simple to use part of the GEM window. The info line can be seen in a standard desktop window: it is the strip that says how many bytes and items there are in the displayed folder.

We can easily use an info line in our program. First, when we create a window, we must tell it to include the info line by including INFO in the list of parts. Second, at any point, we can place some contents into the info line.

We could include an info line for our poem display, to hold the number of lines. Referring to version 5, we would include INFO in the parts for the window. Then, after the window has beeen created, we can write:

        wind_set (wd->handle, WF_INFO, "57 lines");

As with the title, you need to have some dedicated storage for the string passed to info as GEM will use your pointer and not make a copy. Length in GEM is restricted to 80 characters (although most AES replacements extend this).